Sunday, March 15, 2015

a full day, far away, with not much to say.

This morning I got to sleep in. Fair enough, since I let DM sleep in yesterday morning! I heard G crying a lot, but DM swears he didn't cry nearly as much as I think and my sleep distorted the situation. I needed the extra sleep after staying up to read another blog (mommasgonecity) which inspired me to put my pen down, literally, and start my own. Me good with words? Nope. Interesting life? Not in my opinion. Lots to say? Not really. Glamorous lifestyle? Nah. But the memories count for a lot in my heart and need a place to put them. Typing is definitely easier and faster than writing with pen and paper, and publishing it to the world? I don't have a reason for that part.

I hopped right in the shower (where'd the expression come from anyway? did someone, somewhere, once actually hop into the shower??) and got ready with a tired baby by my feet begging to go to sleep. We had to keep him up so he'd sleep on the ride to the city though. So some fussiness needed to be endured to do the day right!

Graham asleep, and on our way, we made it in smooth sailing. I've been dying for a new staghorn fern from the garden district for months (no pun intended since I somehow, unwillingly killed my 1st one). So we continued past our destination, downtown and were led to countless detours and got stuck in traffic. Ultimately, we turned around after getting nowhere fast. [Too much detail? This is how I write. Remember? I like to remember everything!] G woke up from too short of a nap, but was quiet and content just looking out. So many new sights for him! I still even "ooh" and "ahh" at the architecture. DM insists I comment on the same buildings every time. His memory serves as mine and his own. I may as well have been a goldfish in my past life! Eventually and inevitably, Graham's patience ran out and we barely made it to meet our friend for brunch with any sanity left. I knew before I had him that I wouldn't handle his crying well. I've always suffered from anxiety attacks, but his heavy breathing and crying makes my chest tight and heavy like an elephant is sitting on it like nothing else. (Only those who experience them will resonate with how awful they truly are!) G and I got dropped off after no luck searching for a spot. I heard that adorable grunting he does when pooping while we were in the car, so I headed straight to the restroom for my 1st restaurant diaper change ever! SO SCARY! Thank heavens there was one of those fold down changing tables! (My friend recently had to change her baby on a little chair in a tiny restaurant! How is that possible? It remains a mystery to me!) He screamed so loud, famished and desperate to nurse. I was sure the whole restaurant heard it all, but the hostess assured me she heard nothing! Phew! He sat in the highchair until the check came with his "spirit fingers" flailing in the air, anxious for more and more and more food! Had to steal some meat from my friend after cleaning out the cooler I packed. Of course, her 4 month old girl slept quietly in her stroller the whole time. We only experienced that once in a restaurant at 4 weeks old! A whole pouch, handful of puffs, container of steamed veggies, a whole string cheese, some borrowed meat later it was time to throw my hands in the air too and sign/say "NO MORE!" Luckily the fashionably-festive elderly man next to us was so kind to brush off, quite literally, the pouch Graham flung out of my hands onto his pea coat.

After, we made our second attempt to head downtown to get more plants than I bargained for (I have an addiction) and do some other shopping too. Poor guy spent too long in the car strapped down, but had some nice breaks out and about to smile about. We got home, 3 naps in the car and a long day out, later only to welcome in my sister and Kenna. Graham is always lit up and in awe of Kenna -- every way she moves, everything she does and says. We played, laughed and marvelled over his silly faces and just hung out. It was an all around long fun day for all of us, but it was time to wind things down for him and give him that quiet time with his bedtime bottle and say goodnight. Bartaco for dinner was the best way to end it with family we love. A Sunday I'd like to repeat any week!
The weather is warming up, yesterday's never ending rainfall melted and washed away most of the snow and it's time to break out of our cocoon to see the light of day once again. Walks in the park, more trips to the city, dining outdoors are just a few of my favorite things I look forward to and finally they're in the near future!

Hmmm.. I guess there was a lot to say after all.

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