Sunday, March 29, 2015


Last night I got out for a girl's night with my best friend and could have stayed til the sun came up. Those nights don't happen often enough, and with a baby, finding the time to do the small and important things are harder than ever. When I do find the time, it counts for so much more and the moments are that much more valuable. Talking about everything and everything, the hours flew by and it was time to head home.

Snow mysteriously floated through the air from morning til night, seeming to never landing anywhere, almost as though the flurries were flying with no destination. My head felt similarly detached all morning. Wanting to go places and get things done, I could manage to only start things and leave them undone, creating a bigger mess. Even the simplest things I couldn't finish what I started. I opened the Amazon Prime packages that gloriously come every month, just when we're running low and Graham came racing over to help. It turned out to be a perfect Seventh Generation ad campaign and distraction for both of us. I paced back and forth while G napped, wondering what to do with my time--that seems to be a daily struggle for me. 2p creeped up fast and his birthday twin, Sebastian, got here for a long overdue playdate. The season has burdened everyone with one cold virus after the other, forcing plans to get switched, changed, cancelled and postponed. Together at last, they were an adorable pair. The afternoon seemed effortless while they occupied each other and showed us all of their tricks. It was so much fun to see how different, yet alike, 2 babies born on the same day could be. The guys went to pick up lunch, which Graham & Sebastian both got to snack on. The best part (for him) was that Graham got to skip his afternoon nap until it was practically time to get ready for bed. He reached that point where he had no energy left to fight sleep and needed that power nap! Once he woke up, they didn't stay much longer and it really was time for dinner and bed. I was determined to get a photo of them standing in the crib, but Graham looked miz so I jumped in too, hoping to make it happen. Once I got out, he was not having it again. I got the photo, but, well... see for yourself. We said our goodbyes and got dinner ready. Feeding him is messy and I know it will only get messier as he becomes more daring. Though, him being in control has helped keep calm so much during meals that I wouldn't trade the mess for the anxiety any day.

Putting him down for bed this week seems to be extra painful. He is protesting sleep more than ever, except with his head down while rocking back and forth as if something is bothering him and trying desperately to fall asleep. Since I shut down, DM goes in and checks that everything is ok -- no dirty diaper, gives him gas meds, tylenol, and finally 30/45 minutes later he is asleep. Luckily, once the struggle is over, he is asleep for the night. It bugs me that I don't ever figure out what was bothering him. Was it just that he wanted to be with us, his tummy hurt, he wasn't feeling well, or what?? Sometimes it is as simple as a dirty diaper or a tummy ache, but this week is a toughie.

Today, our little bunny slept a little late for the 2nd day in a row. And thanks to DM for giving me a break that I know he needs just as much, I got to sleep late too. He played hard with him while I slept, tossing, flipping and wearing him out! Once I was awake, I got a reenactment of all the tricks they were doing and it makes my heart skip a beat, I am so nervous! To switch things up, after all that fun, he had a morning bath before his nap and went right down to sleep. We got ready and waited 2 hours for him to wake up.

For the fourth day this week, I crossed the bridge and went back to Queens. The three of us met Nikki and her new boyfriend at Strand Smokehouse in Astoria for brunch and had the best time. I went to the ladies' room when we got there and by the time I got out, G was in the cutest highchair I've ever seen and a live folk band was making us both want to dance. He enjoyed cornbread, brisket and some belgian waffle, all the while bouncing and clapping to the music. I was a pig and devoured my entire chicken & waffle smothered in maple syrup. He danced and smiled the entire time, enjoying himself, the food, culture, different people to blatantly stare at, and the whole experience. Wiped out from all of the excitement and dancing, he fell asleep in the car for another nap on the way to Bayside to visit his poppy and grandma. DM went up to help my dad with something while I waited in the car w/ G. He woke up well rested and ready to have more fun. We were even surprise to see Gigi in the elevator, who came just to see G. He proved to her, once and for all,  that he does NOT dislike her!! He let her hold him and play with him for a while and then wanted to show off his crawling a paper tearing skills. Seeing how much fun G was having with everyone, DM and I stepped out to pick up dinner while the 3 of them babysat. Coming back to a great report and a happy baby was all I wanted. The elevator doors opened after a short, meaningful ride up, and back to reality. Both exhausted and worn out from the busy day, we ate and occupied G with dinner. He especially enjoyed tasting DM's banana cinnamon pop and didn't want to give it up! Just when he was at the end of his rope and getting cranky, Poppy and Grandma's silly faces and goofing around gave him another burst of energy and got him to laugh so much. I love how much he loves them. He is so lucky to have all of his grandparents and even many great grandparents around him!! For a sentimental person like me, the moments with all those grands and greats are hard to beat! A short nap on the way home and completely exhausted from all the action, DM woke him to bring him inside. I got him ready for bed tonight and was such a pleasure. He takes foreverrrrr with his bottle, but when he stops to smile and flirt, it's hard to rush things and let those moments go. When he gently runs his fingers through my hair, reaches out to touch my hand and mouth, and smiles/laughs at me for no apparent reason, I almost don't want the night to end. But after about half an hour, his bottle was bone dry and the dreadful moment of putting him in his crib was upon us once again. Hopefully he sleeps late tomorrow morning since he fell asleep so late! To conclude, a weekend full of the best kind of distractions, is the best kind of weekend! xo


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