Wednesday, March 25, 2015

an overnight sensation

Eat, sleep and play was literally all we did today. From last night's dinner to this morning's breakfast and then lunch, I've got an overnight sensation over here! His hand goes straight to his mouth with food in hand now and 75% of it gets in -- even blueberries!! With close to zero assistance from me, he is a vacuum and I am merely his cheerleader while CB drools all over the freshly washed floors, waiting. I don't know what's better -- picking up the food G throws over the tray, or the slimy slobber! Each meal was progressively and noticeably more efficient. When I scream like a lunatic, jumping up and down, clapping, he lights up and starts clapping too. It's painfully adorable when he tries so hard, in heavy concentration, to get the food in his mouth but it falls down into his bib instead. Though, he doesn't even act phased. He keeps reaching right for the next bite to try again while I scoop all of the fallen food right back onto the tray. It's a vicious cycle! I may sound overly proud, but there's a perfectly good, deeper, underlying reason for that! His anxious, huffing-puffing, spirit finger wiggling has subsided now that he is in more control, therefore I am more relaxed too! The end and beginning to yet another era.

It was such an easy going day, gloomy and rainy outside, perfect for cuddling and laughing inside. We fell asleep together in the early morning, so his regular first nap happened a little later on which made his schedule a little off. It didn't matter or affect his mood one bit throughout the day. Both happy as a clam, we were two peas in a pod. Until....5p rolled around. The lack of an afternoon nap finally caught up on him and DM getting home to help along with bedtime couldn't have come soon enough! It upsets me how poorly capable I am at handling his fussy times. I immediately shut down. It's like I am still there, caring for him and loving him every inch of the way, but it's not what it should be. Leading up to his deadline for being happy, we found ways to make each other laugh all day, doing the silliest things which I sadly can't even remember now. But that's what happens when I write about "today," the day after. 

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