Saturday, March 14, 2015

finding me again.

As a new mom, life has a whole new meaning and things are getting into a groove again. Yet, it is still off balance. Of course, life will be a bit wobbly with our ever changing baby (and yes, he'll always be my baby). Everyday's new adventures aside, I long to find the time and place for the ones I lived for pre-baby.

Taking photographs has always been the center of my life by documenting life as I see it. The many faces of Graham and his rapidly developing beautiful character is well recorded. But I am yearning for more, and without guilt. A friend warned me this self reunion would take time and a long hard search after becoming a mother.

I have resorted to recording through words, since the rolls of film and sd cards are all exposed and filled with countless baby pictures and videos. Every night, up until yesterday, I have written in teeny pocket-sized moleskine journals the old fashioned way.  Biting my teeth and determined, I sacrifice sleep for memories, night after night. I don't want to forget a single thing!

This e-journal, now public to the world, is my way to open my heart and soul to the eyes of anyone who lands here. Hoping to connect with the outside a little more, I am lifting my privacy blanket that keeps me so safe and warm and letting it all out. I feel exposed and vulnerable which makes me uncomfortable, but let this be a new adventure to something  different.

blogs -- better kept private or fun to read?

Here goes nothing....

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