Monday, March 16, 2015

graham & me

awake too early. dm bring g to me since he was clearly not going to sleep. nurse. dm change him. stay in bed as long as possible. can barely open my eyes even halfway. graham jumping, lunging, leaping over me and all over bed. happy, energetic and ready to get up! why isn't mama moving? get up. change poop. breakfast; smoothie for me, yogurt w/ berries for g. nurse. self debating whether to stay home and nap together, or go out on the most perfect day we've had in months? got g naked. play in crib. laughing and smiling. change and get dressed. nurse quick. g asleep. transfer him carefully to carseat. locks his body and won't sit down. calms down and falls right back to sleep. rush all over house to get socks on, smoothie and snacks all in diaper bag. get everything downstairs. give cb his cookie. find out that dm forgot to put stroller in my trunk last night. get 2nd stroller but can't figure out how to close w/ big kid seat in it. disassemble and stuff it in while frantic to go. leave. no traffic. crazy van almost merges right into me. infuriating. parking spot right away and one block away from felicia's. work reminder alarm goes off while parking, woke up g (slept 1 hr). crying. opened car door to get him--big smile!!! forgot blanket. take carseat blanket off and give him my jacket. g has lambie and in his adorable hat--check! take photos along the way.

unload all of our things. felt like we were moving in. up and in to play with harrison. took g's socks of for twin photoshoot. ate his socks the whole time, they're his new favorite thing. he shared them with harrison. so generous, so gentle and so happy!!! socks are soaked. borrow non-matching socks from harrison. they are so cute together. see?

nurse and change. borrow blankets from harrison. such a good friend! walk to restaurant. beautiful day but still too cold to sit outside. g in highchair. puffs as appetizer for g, scallops w/ asparagus and capers drenched in butter for us. g tried 1st caper and enjoyed it--takes after his papa! harrison asleep in stroller by the fireplace and g going nuts for food -- steamed broccoli and carrots, fruit pouch, hard boiled egg yolk, more puffs, teeny tiny piece of bread and butter, string cheese, and some of my chicken to keep him quiet! nurse because he started flipping out for no reason. what am i going to do when i don't nurse anymore? i finished his pouch for my dessert. get check. leave both attempts at 2 servings of massive undercooked, hard-as-a-rock brussels sprouts behind. felicia takes atrocious photos of me holding graham, not her fault (*see below). we need more pictures together that aren't selfies of us napping together. leave stroller w/ felicia to change g in restroom. this restaurant has a changing table too, thank the lord! g touching gross, dirty changing table the whole time. i pee while holding him and do everything w/ one hand. i am superwoman. wash our hands in freezing cold water. try to put g in stroller. refuses to sit down. fine! carry g outside, no jacket, no hat. leave and put g in stroller outside. had to karate chop (bend) him in half. would not wear hat, not worth the fight. use lambie as hat. success! g is a trendsetter for all the other hipster babies out there.

stroll to cute baby shop down the road, and now i sound like i am from the country. want to buy everything, but buy nothing. ordered so much over the weekend. i only shop for him now, no longer enjoy buying clothes for myself. g fell asleep in stroller. since he's not in snap&go and don't want to transfer him, we kept on walking and decided to hang longer. tried to go to another cute baby store but everything closed on mondays in their world. went to cute cafe/market next door. got talked into a generous helping of chocolate cake. g carried it to table for me, so sweet of him!

g awake after about 1/2 hour, just in time to stop me from finishing massive "slice" of cake and eating felicia's scrumptious chocolate cookie too! how will i ever lose these last few pounds? ugh. nurse. get tissue to clean his gunky eye (clogged tear duct). put him in stroller w/ a catastrophic protest. i and everyone except g laughing about it. smiled at a man as soon as he was strapped in. so dramatic!!!! walk around and end up at carroll gardens park with all the other children getting out of school. g's 1st time on the swing. refused to sit down. made him do it, he was about thank me for it in a minute. stuff blanket in for extra support so i could swing him high. swing moving, baby smiling! harrison busy eating his swing. everyone so happy. sun shining. another perfect adventure to bklyn. pushing him a fondly remembering my papa doing the very same with me as a little girl; sitting on the big swing w/ me on his lap, facing him, one leg on each side. could have stayed by the swings all day! left and sat on elephant and waited on a very long line for a g's 1st very short slide. so many firsts today! those are usually the best days. stayed in park admiring all the trendy, beautiful children running around. not creepy because we have our own kids--perfectly legal. this is gonna be us too soon. discovered that boys have to have a lob in order to be cool now. getting late, had to say goodbye. felicia showed me how to fold the stroller w/ seat in and did it all for me. moved my life and million belongings back into the car. called dm. told me to call him after i get on highway so i don't get lost. he knows me too well. driving through battery tunnel; fun but scary. some traffic, not terrible. called dm again. g started crying. get off phone and put music back on. g stops crying instantly and falls asleep for 40 minutes. woke up a few minutes away from home and hungry! check on basement progress. nearing the finish line practically 2 months late. nurse. play. feed g. dinner. beets and feta w/ evoo, black pepper, dried basil, oregano and thyme and a taste of spicy guac from bartaco w/ no issues. nana for dessert. play hide and seek around kitchen island. g loves when i surprise and startle him! love that shocked "how'd you do that?" smile every time! g cruises around ottoman like a pro and transfer to sofa for 1st time. dm home. g so excited. they played for a while, mostly with the balls that are all over the place because he loves them so much. dm took g up to get changed and ready for bed. takes longer and longer every time when he does it. that is their time. dm feed g his bottle. g pretty much holds it himself lately. still doesn't know to tilt it back if he drops it. bedtime for g. our night begins. this story ends. graham is the love of my life and keeps me going.


  1. The hat! So cute. P.s. what kind of lens are you using here? I just bought a f/1.8 and love it, but want more options.

    1. i use the same!! i never use any other. sometimes i wish i had a wider angle, but i do the best i can :)