Monday, March 30, 2015

i've dreamt of a day like today

I had signed Graham up at LF, which is an insane bargain when you weigh the options and do the math...but we had still yet to go! Last week, I stalled since his nose was like a volcano about to erupt at any given moment. His nose is now free of congestion, the roads are dry and free of snow and there is no excuse not to get up and go! Getting out of the house to work out in the morning is still a little too ambitious for me, since I move at a snail's pace to wake up and even get out of bed to go to the bathroom!

Graham slept close to 7a again, and it's strange how anything after 6a feels like a blessing, but it truly does! All of our clean laundry was folded and put away and I was feeling accomplished. Already 9a and no idea how time continuously defeats us, we headed downstairs. Our fridge is cold and bare on the inside, leaving us to scrounge for food and eat the same breakfast for the 3rd day in a row. Luckily, he's a baby and not yet sick of repetitious meals. Oatmeal w/ cinnamon, blueberries and we go again. I am amazed by how much his little mouth and tummy want to eat!!! It seems like he is sometimes I eating the same sized portions as I am! Once he consumes this mound of porridge, it's playtime at full force. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how after I wash his face and hands off at the sink, "boop" his mouth and pat his hands dry with the towel, and set him down, he is off to a running start before he even hits the ground. He is so energetic and excited to play. It's like I filled up the gas tank and he's ready to go!!

I could have placed a bet that he'd go to sleep this morning with no problem. Unfortunately, it only lasted 40 minutes. Our bags were packed and ready to go to the gym, but I couldn't get in touch with the daycare to be sure they had room for him. After a peanut butter w/ nana snack and some of my pb&j sandwich (he couldn't shovel the pieces into his mouth fast enough), he was thrilled and full, and I was anxious to just go. I was dying to see how he'd do at the daycare and was willing to risk the trip if they were full. It sounds like we're driving so far, but it's the process of just getting into the car that is the real trip. The gym is actually only 5 minutes away! After a long, delaying chat with the membership desk to get our accounts straightened out, we finally got into the kids zone. Children of all ages were running around, hugging and playing with the staff. What a great welcoming beginning to this whole new world for both of us! I sat down beside him for a few minutes to get him acclimated and when he seemed comfortable in his new surroundings, I nonchalantly said bye-bye. He barely even looked at me! I felt completely confident in the staff and even more reassured knowing that I would still be under the same roof and they could call or come find me if necessary. After a decent workout, many trips to the water fountain (I absentmindedly forgot my water bottle), and no word, I was desperate to see how he was doing! He was absolutely, perfectly fine and happy!!! A quick stop in to nurse him and I said another goodbye and went back to shower. I hope today wasn't just lucky, b/c he didn't mind me leaving him one bit. I felt so stupid once I realized what the locker room was equipped with! I brought my own towel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. They had everything there! My bag will be a lot lighter next time! I was feeling fresh, clean and full of adrenaline. We went to the cafe before heading home and sat waiting for my sandwich for a little too long. Graham was so patient, waving to the food which did not wave back, and eating some puffs. I was going to sit and share my sandwich with him, but when I checked with the kitchen, they never even started making it! 2 minutes later, I got my sandwich with an apology and we were in the car and on our way home. I stuffed my face and licked my fingers clean while driving, because when I am hungry, patience is not part of the English language. Graham was overdue and ready to go to sleep. What a success!!!!

After another surprisingly short nap, I fed him a late lunch and was still feeling productive. I got him into his stroller and cleaned up the rest of the yard. It was a nightmare and one of the few times I envy people without a dog and a yard. Graham was so patient and content watching me and Charlie for 99% of the time, but I just had to finish! He cheered up after just a couple of minutes and I washed up, grabbed Charlie's leash and decided to give walking another try. Loving every little silly sound I make, he was giving me all the smiles I needed. The sky cleared up a bit, everyone was happy and so we kept going. A moment of relapse almost took over our streak of perfection, until we came up to a group of kids playing in the yard. Charlie was in heaven and Graham was in awe. I love being interviewed by children about Charlie. They were adorable and completely rescued the rest of our walk! After we went our separate ways and Graham was glowing again, we neared our little house on the corner, sadly covered with litter -- one of the downfalls my grandmother warned us about living on a corner lot. I brought Charlie in quick and came right back out to clean that up too! Why stop now?? Could not believe the patience Graham had through this massive cleanup! I sterilized his stroller handle for the 15th time after cleaning up all of this "crap" and went inside to settle down for the night. Filled up his tummy again with dinner while the sun shined so bright, gleaming through the windows, reminding me of my love/hate relationship with sunlight. How could something so beautiful, make everything look so awful? Dust -- my worst enemy in life. It's totally Charlie's fault though! Graham was racing, screeching and exploring around and under the dining table when I sadly had to cut him off and get him ready for bed. It was a day of perfection that I often dream of. Not every day could be perfect, but today was. We had time for ourselves and each other, accomplishing and enjoying so much, every inch of the way.

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