Sunday, March 22, 2015

up & down

This weekend went by faster than all the rest. I look forward to the weekends now more than ever, with grand plans of doing so many things, and oh so naive for thinking I could do even a fraction of my ideas.

DM's mom left this afternoon after a couple of days of wholehearted quality time w/ G. He, she and we all needed it. We ran errands, hung around and most importantly -- I got to sleep in. It sounds glamorous, except pumping into the wee hours of the night takes the restfulness out of it. Pure exhaustion and 100% moody! Ups & downs is a gentle way of putting the mood swings I was experiencing (sorry mum).

Naps really weren't happening this weekend either, and I'm not sure if it's because of yet another cold he has, or all the excitement with Grandma here. I hate it, but a lot of his naps ended up being in the car, mostly because we had things that needed to get done, but partially just to get him to sleep! How much longer does this standing up in the crib, protesting going down sleep continue? Being transferred, falling asleep anywhere/anytime is just not how this kid is wired. Relentlessly stubborn!

A yarn store, wine store, container store, buy buy baby and picking up dinner because it was too late to go out for the early dinner we were hoping for, was hardly the exciting Saturday I had dreamt of all week. The mornings turn into afternoon in what feels like just a few minutes. He gets up early, we put him down in the late morning, he stands up and won't lay down to go to sleep, we go in every so often to lay him down -- except this weekend, we gave up. Where do the days go?? The sun comes up and then it goes down. But what happens in between? Quite a lot of ups and downs, it seems.

Today was basically the same. While I slept in, Andrea taught G to do "sooo big" and stretch his arms out and finally put food in his own mouth, both of which I have yet to see. Why is it that he can put everything except for food in his mouth?? We even witnessed him, with full intention, pick up food and put it right into CB's mouth yesterday!! Today definitely goes in my book as a bad day. Cranky, arching back, whaling tantrums throughout the day transitioned to big smiles and clapping hands in the blink of an eye, and the same went for Graham!! ;) I wanted the day to just be over and after a visit to my parent's it couldn't end soon enough (sorry dad). He just wasn't himself all day and I was far from my best too. DM and I were going to get out just the 2 of us to do some shopping before his mum left, but refusal to nap rearranged everything. Once we got to my parent's, quality time just wasn't happening. After G gave us a break and treated us to a calm, quiet, bottle-fed, sleepy car ride home, DM woke him up to get ready for bed. We were pleasantly surprised to enjoy an awake, laughing baby. Finished his nighttime bottle and went down peacefully. Or so we thought. He had woken up a little too much and there he was on the monitor, in clear night vision, standing up in his crib. Standing up and sitting down and up and down and up and down. For one whole hour.

The weekend is now over, the boys are all down, and here I am -- still up!!!

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