Thursday, April 23, 2015

he's never like this, i swear!

Not much sleep, but it's been a great day. After a gourmet omelet for Graham w/ baby spinach and feta, we went to LF. I screwed up two things this morning though. First, the sun completely fooled me and learned my lesson, which is now that I have a baby, I must check the weather. I was in shorts and a t-shirt and G only had short sleeves on w/o a jacket, while the rest of the world was in winter coats since it was in fact 45F outside. But we were already on our way. I put his sweatshirt on in the parking lot for our five second walk inside and then made my second mistake. I normally hand him to someone when I am leaving, but Shamique was just getting in and not ready yet, my bads were shipping and I put him down very quickly and not so gently. He was not happy. He got over it fast, but cried again when I left. Shamique swooped in just in time to comfort him and I just left. It wasn't pretty. Ugh! There goes our perfect streak. I nursed and changed him before leaving so that I could transfer him as quickly and smoothly as possible once we got home. I did it and it was beautiful. I got to eat and sort of relax, but his nap was barely an hour. I brought him into bed to lay for a while with me and hopefully just sit still with a little tv. He was so sweet and cuddly for a while and that could only last so long. The limitations of the king sized bed and I just were not enough land to roam anymore. He had a quick lunch and we had to leave to visit my mum. I am hoping him disliking his high chair during lunch and dinner was just a today thing,because both meals got cut short. Although, he predictably was fine when dessert came around. I guess he just didn't like what I was feeding him. Hrmpf! Not every meal could be as fancy as breakfast! He was wide awake most of the way there and we both dressed warmer this time. I love seeing him in my rear view mirror! His eyes are so wide and curious with his neck stretched to look out at Lord knows what he can see from his angle. I hope he can see a lot, but I can't imagine it's much. Sophie, lambie and his raspberry teething pacifier thingie were his companions today in the car and he was all set! He fell asleep crossing the bridge, so I got to close my eyes for a bit in the parking lot while waiting for him to wake up. The visit was one I'd like to never forget; it was perfect. My mom was great, Graham was soooo happy there and Grandma stopped by too. He was loving the beanie babies my mom has there for Kenna, and now him too, to play with. He was so ambitiously trying to pick up as many as he could at was pretty impressive. He sat on my lap enjoying a mandarin orange while we enjoyed Melinda's salad for lunch. That and the jumbo blueberries she had filled him up enough to go down and play on his own. He headed for her wheelchair which normally sends her into panic mode, but I spotted him a few steps away and pleed with her to let him touch it and I'd wash his hand afterwards. Luckily and to my surprise, she went with it!! It made him so happy too, to be able to climb up and be free and get closer to her.

The tissue box was a treasure find for him and he was set after that. She got to see him race around, stand, dance, play, smile, talk, eat. I was nervous for my grandmother to get there because she doesn't have good bonding history with him. Though, I am a firm believer that it is because she always sees him so late in the day, out of his element and close to his bedtime. But this was the day! He warmed up to her very quickly and gave her plenty of smiles. He even reached out to her for her to hold him. She was in heaven and left very happy! Score! 

After two hours and an overdue diaper change, he got to have an ice cream that mom saved specially for him. The ride home was more amazing than I thought a car ride could be. He was clapping, smiling, singing, playing and communicating with me the whole time up until he fell asleep. He's never like that in the car, ever!! I swear! But I hope this is the start of something he'll continue! He slept a while longer while I sat in the driveway talking to Sammie and watching hail bounce off of my car. It only lasted a few minutes and wasn't very big. Graham woke up and was still waking up when we got inside and to the top of the stairs to be greeted by kisses from Charlie. I want to think he's warming up to G, but he probably just wanted a taste of what he was eating all day! Hrmpf! We had so much fun until dinnertime. He was playing on his own on the floor and I was sitting in the chair and trapped him between my legs. He dropped his little hightlights book on the other side of my leg and was trying to climb over my leg which was a good 2 feet up off the ground. I helped him out to give him a sense of pride. He absolutely loved when I was holding him in front of the mirror and jumping up and down. I got a good leg workout while he was hysterically laughing. When I stopped to catch my breathe, I covered my face with my free hand to play peekaboo and after pulling my hand away, which is old news, he put my hand back over my face to play more, which was a 1st. So now he covers his own face and mine. I get so excited over these things. Him standing on his own for a few seconds at a time still makes me so happy every time!! DM got home in time for a few more minutes of playing before bedtime. Graham is quickly growing attached and slightly to rambunctious w/ the ukulele! He wanted to reach it on the ottoman so badly that he climbed up several times from the ground! Looks like we've got a little climber. Uh oh!

He was impossible with his bottle tonight and took forever to finish it and took just as long to go to sleep. The worst part of it is, no matter how late he goes to sleep, he still wakes up at 5a lately! NG!!!

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