Monday, April 13, 2015

the sound of pure happiness

I love when we wake up without a single plan for the day and go to bed exhausted from a day of non stop running and fun. I didn't think I'd have energy for the gym this morning, but as we neared the point of either running out of the door or missing the window of opportunity, I took my burst of energy and went with it. Shamique loves him and so does everyone else there. They greet him by name as soon as we walk through the door as if they've sincerely missed him. I am eternally grateful for the small price to pay for this priceless gift. Amen! I've been working my butt off at the gym and feel like I need to push myself even harder. By the end, when it was getting so late and rushing to shower and pick up Graham, I was not having any luck and my mom brain was to blame. Forgot flip flops in the car and clean socks and underwear at home. Graham was so excited when I got back and was not happy, per usual, to get in his car seat. I attempted the transfer him from the car to his crib and failed again. We got home very late (close to 11a) and thought today would be the day it'd work again. He was awake but sleepy when I brought him in. His head started out heavy and nestled in my neck, but it slowly lifted and woke up more as we got up to his room. He passed out again while I nursed him and I even held him a little longer to let him settle down. As soon as my arms stretched away from my body, he could sense me letting go and immediately woke up. The first half hour, he was quiet and standing, sitting, laying and playing alone. I took my breakfast outside to sit on the deck and that's when he started to lose it and cried for half an hour!!! I give up!! Brought him out to relax in the sun (in hindsight, I should have covered him! -- bad mom!). He discovered my herb planter and was incredibly gentle with it! Only touching it with his teeny pointer finger and running his hand over it! He had a blast cruising to and from the couch and coffee table, and standing on the couch leaning over the back to the deck railing. He has a whole new world to discover now that the sun is shining warm once again.

Charlie is free entertainment. I feel like CB is so much happier now too because we're spending more time outside with him...afterall he spent the entire winter begging us to come out! G ended up falling asleep in my arms for about 50 minutes. I got to close my eyes and used a throw pillow to block the sun from his face. Gotta buy sunblock asap! I gave him lunch outside and put cayenne on his hard boiled egg...he really didn't seem to mind it at all and kept asking for more! I'm not sure why it's so important to me that he likes spicy food; I guess because I love it so much and it will allow him to eat so much more ethnic food which is also my fave, like indian and mexican). He was so full, rested and happy, so I got him ready as fast as I could to take a nice long walk to the park with swings. This time, we went prepared with lots of snacks in case he got fussy in the stroller. Walking down Mamaroneck during afternoon rush hour was great for him to see all of the trucks, buses, cars, flowers blooming left and right, and children getting out of school. He was so quiet and focused the whole way there and lit up as soon as he got on the swing.

It was pretty quiet when we got there, so I was able to leave him on for a long time and met a couple of really nice moms from the area. It was such a gorgeous day and even when it felt like it was time to go, I didn't want to leave and reminded myself that we'd have nothing to do when we got back anyway! A little snack at the park and lots of talking, swinging, singing and socializing (all by G). Our walk back was just as perfect as the walk there. He even fell asleep half way home. Never made a single complaint the whole time! I put the stroller at the bottom of the deck stairs and opened the screen door so I'd hear when he woke up. It was a beautiful thing! I had a snack and even got to lay down outside for a few minutes. Poor CB was begging to go out but I wanted G to sleep peacefully and wasn't going to let him ruin that. After he woke up, we watched Riley blow bubbles for a long time and loved watching Charlie go nuts with his jolly ball. Just when I was going to head in, Riley asked if she could come over and came with her dad for a bit. Rachel drove by just before and got to watch me struggle like fool, holding Graham in one arm and bending over awkwardly with a burning pain of muscles I somehow never use, to bang, slam and kick the stroller just trying to collapse it. It was getting late and time for everyone to figure out what they were having for dinner, so we went in and he loved his 1st cod DM made the other night! With the exception of this morning and accomplishing nothing around the house, it was a perfect day and fully accomplished making my son happy and having an absolute blast with him. Even getting him ready for bed was an absolute pleasure!

Every day I write how he squeaks and squeals, but it's his latest and cutest thing. This enthusiastic little 9 month old baby has such a strong power over us. He makes the sound of pure happiness with such enthusiasm and it fills our hearts and home with so much joy and love. And it's those happy sounds that make me feel awful for the morning, but what am I supposed to do? One of the moms at the park gave me some hopefully valuable advice on transferring G when he falls asleep in the car. We shall see!

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