Saturday, April 11, 2015

nine months and three days

Last night was a blur that I don't want to clear up. I went to sleep way too late, busy documenting, only to be awoken by a hard cry less than an hour later. I couldn't even move, but DM went in to take care of him...several times! After almost 2 hours, he was asleep again. I have no idea what was wrong and I'm sure DM doesn't either. But it was awful. He slept until 7a, which barely felt like a treat due to all of the lost sleep in the middle of the night. I mustered up my energy and left my leg-tugging, whining-at-the-moment baby w/ DM to go to the gym. I came home feeling relaxed until I decided to speed things up and shower w/ DM and put G in the bathroom w/ the door closed and a toy. He was watching us through the glass door and being so good for a while and neither of us could believe how easy and wonderful it was. Then a few minutes later, he slipped a little. He was right outside the door and we couldn't even open it. He was fine but we couldn't even get to him to comfort him. Once DM got the door opened just enough, he passed him to me and I held him in the shower until he finished up. He was exhausted and we were running late. Getting ready was no picnic, to say the least. He was out cold as soon as we started driving and shortly after, I was also. DM's parents and brother got to the restaurant at our midway meeting point in NJ at the same time, but G was still sleeping. I was going to wait in the car until he woke up, but the sweet sound of grandma's voice was just too irresistible to sleep through. He was showered with gifts and stuffed with food the entire time. Most importantly, at last, Steven had met his nephew and we were all together again for a brief lunch. Sadly, Maria couldn't make it, but there is talk about us finally taking G on his first flight to visit them in SC, so hopefully it won't be much longer. As promised to myself, I am keeping my mouth shut! I've been so anxious to get him on a plane! His tummy was full and he was so good in the highchair!! Right before I was about to lift him out, he started rubbing his face and nose in his very cute way, and then sneezed. He immediately rubbed what came out of his nose allllllll over his face. We were all laughing so hard. I grabbed him fast and ran the bathroom to wash him up. We didn't stay long after since Steven was only in the area for 2 days. We made a quick stop to Babies 'R' Us after, where G found and fell in love with a particular cookie monster chair. DM wanted to get it for him and after seeing how happy he was in it, I'm not sure why we didn't.

He was asleep again for the whole ride home and I attempted to do the drive but only made it 20 minutes before I really couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. We pulled off the next exit to switch and get coffee for DM. He was so sweet and came back with a smoothie for me, but they ruined it with protein powder and I could hardly bare to swallow the first sip. He offered to have them fix it, but all I cared about was getting back on the road and G sleeping the whole time. I felt awful, but I fell asleep again. Neither of us felt great when we got home, but G was so active and happy and that was all we needed to keep us going! We got to take his 9 month photo which was done 3 days late, but it's become such a risky and intense photoshoot that it makes shooting by myself completely impossible! The light was perfect and he was so jumpy. Snapping away, I was hoping just one would be good while he was busy climbing, lunging, jumping and eating some snacks...and...the chair. Before dark, I went out and gardened to get started on the spring cleanup. I am determined to have it looking  much better this summer, and each year it does look better. But, my impatience gets the better of me and I get in a little over my head. My herbs miraculously survived in the winter after I completely forgot about them, no water, just a little light and buried beneath everything piled around it from the basement! I got a lot done and came in with just enough time and sun still shining to watch Graham crawl around, squeaking and talking his head off. Getting his pj's on killed his mood immediately. It makes me feel like the grim reaper!! It was miserably torturous, making it feel like forever til it was done and over. He just couldn't wait to chug his bottle! This happens just about every night. It was a little under 5oz, so even though he was falling asleep by the end and still "sleep drinking," I could tell by his cry when I put him down that he was still hungry. I gave him another 2 and he was down like the sun!


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