Monday, April 06, 2015

sunshine = happiness

Same wake up call this morning, except he sort of gave me a break and fell asleep with me for another hour. Staying in bed is becoming harder and harder to pull off since he is getting closer to the edge to fast. Now I just put him down on the floor to play with his toys since he stays right next to the bed for the most part. He wanted to go down and come back up every minute! Going to the bathroom is always fun now, especially having the company and him tugging on my pants to pull up and stand. :/ Luckily, he's obsessed with the shower door and bathroom scale so he gets distracted with those things. After nursing all morning and finally getting downstairs for breakfast to eat a large bowl of yogurt with berries, his tummy was full. We hung out in his room where he played and I just laid on his big bear and watched for about 45 minutes. He was so busy and I was so relaxed, enjoying every second watching him in his zone. He napped for almost 2.5 hours which was a real treat. I don't even know what I really got done, but I got to relax and that's all that matters. I do wish I'd slept though. He woke up so happy and smiley to go with the sunny, warm weather outside. We hung out for a bit, got him dressed only to discover that several pants that fit him a couple of weeks ago now fit like capris, and headed down for lunch. After setting up a picnic on the deck, I had to move him from eating on the blanket into his highchair. He just would not sit still!!! We ate together and were excited to stay out after. I didn't think I'd let him if you'd asked me any day before today, but he was crawling all over the deck, pulling up and cruising along the cushion-less furniture, standing at the bars, all while screeching his little head off. He was in heaven!

Nora was getting ready to take the train to us soon. Meanwhile, we were checking on the garden and did a little clean up. I let him sit on the front walkway while I cleaned up the lamb's ears some more. He was playing with dirt, just being a boy. My time ran out when he started wandering and even climbed up the middle step!! He was starting to get tired, so I finished up what I was doing and brought him in. It was getting late anyway. He mysteriously still fights the afternoon nap like no other, but I was exhausted and determined. A while later and Nora was going to be here, he was on the verge of falling asleep and I told her to take a cab here. Once he fell asleep, I laid down too and closed my eyes...until just a couple of minutes later when Charlie barked and woke me up. He almost woke up G, but luckily he fell back asleep after repositioning! Phew! I put Charlie outside so I wouldn't have to hear him bark again when Nora got here. She came up to bed to hang out with me. After an hour of sleep, G woke up to see the surprise waiting for him. What a flirt all night! Lots of energetic dancing and jumping. He couldn't take his eyes off of her from across the room while he ate too. DM got home and got him ready for bed then left to pick up dinner for us and do a quick trip to the market. I gave him his bottle while we first figured out what we all wanted for dinner, and the commotion was a little too much for him I think, because when he finished, after a long break from drinking, he took FOREVER to go to sleep. I went in two times to make sure he was ok. He made it sound awful. Both times, I got big smiles. I even changed his diaper the 2nd time just to make sure it wasn't the cause for distress when I leave, but it was fine and he thought it was a big game, smiling and goofing around, while I changed it. SUCH A LITTLE MONSTER!!!! When he fell asleep it felt like a year later and we got to eat a nice dinner together. They went to bed early and I went to bed at 1230a, which for me, is now pretty early too!

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