Tuesday, April 14, 2015

he can say "quack?"

Today was a repeat of yesterday, except the sun only peaked out briefly and I successfully transferred G after the gym. I nursed him there before leaving, rather than when we got home and got him into his crib as quietly and quickly as possible. An hour and a half of peace and the cloudy sky didn't put a damper on my mood one bit. I got to eat, relax, clean a lot and feel like a real success. A package was waiting outside when he woke up, and that's always a fun activity for him to help me open it and see what's inside. I wanted to go outside for a bit so I got his little sun hat out since I don't have sunblock for him yet. That only let to the fun game of him pulling it off every time I put it on. Not sure how to win that fight! He had so much fun around the house and watching my Ellen marathon. Every single time he hears any kind of music from the tv, a toy, or me singing, those legs and tush start jumping and shaking. After lunch and more playing, we drove and met Sharon at the playground for more swinging. Right as we were leaving to go, I realized I should be putting him down for his afternoon nap, but decided to nix that and get out. I had Daniel and Graham on the swings, side by side, screeching for more to go higher and higher. Two boys swinging to heaven and back. For a second, the repetitious and mundane motion for me was enough to pull them out and call it quits, but another smile as big as the sky from each of them kept me going, pushing, laughing and tickling. We only stayed half an hour today and ended up going back to Sharon's until bedtime. His afternoon nap never happened; he was waaaayyyy too busy. I attempted to put him down once and don't even know why. I was as sure that he was exhausted as the sky was not blue, but also knew that he was not going to just lay down and go to sleep. I wasn't that lucky to get him to take two good naps! He cried a couple of minutes until Daniel somehow slipped past us, went all the way upstairs into Charlotte's room, only to find him whispering so softly and so sweetly, "don't cry....don't cry...don't cry." Enough to make the faintest of hearts shatter instantaneously, that made him scream harder like the sound of an alarm. The worst possible cry. Daniel ran out of the room and I picked Graham up to comfort him. He was still quivering after I picked him up, my poor baby. We went back down to play more and enjoy what was left of the day. And he did, so much. Being with Sharon and playing with all of us and all of their toys was all he wanted. He showed her how energetic he is and jumped so hard up and down for every video she played that had any hint of music in it. She also discovered that he "quacks" every time he hears the word quack!! I don't know how to describe it, but he opens his mouth and almost, sort of silently, clicks his tongue. Initially, she thought it was coincidence, but after several times of him doing it immediately following the word and we were sure that it was fully deliberate! And I never even tried to teach him that. But months of hard work telling him what the cow, cat and dog say, and I get nada!! He does always love when I quack, but not as much as when I bark or make the elephant sound. Go figure. He had a light dinner there, which was a taste of everything C&D were eating, before heading home. It was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. He tried a chickpea and black bean salad she bought which was a little heavy with vinegar. The first bite led to the typical new food face, and then every bite after he seemed to enjoy. He was not happy about leaving, but it was time to get him home and ready for bed. .4 miles away from home and he was knocked out. Overly tired, I rushed to get him into his pjs and the bottle into his mouth. DM got home just in time to relieve my aching back and burning arm.

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