Thursday, May 21, 2015

i hear she's got this thing about choo-choos

I normally dread trips to the city and getting to the train, riding the train and everything in between. But making an adventure out of it w/ Graham and DM's mom was so exciting for all of us and fun from the beginning to the middle to the end!

It all started last night when we talked about the idea of us coming in, but the weather seemed iffy and since Graham is Graham, the day was iffy too. I didn't know if he'd nap, if it was going to be a good day or what! DM offered to take a cab to the train so we could use his car and parking permit since the lot would be full from the graduation. Nothing got planned and G actually slept later this morning so DM and I never got to talk anymore about it. I woke up briefly from one of my traditional nightmares and got to cuddle with him for a minute, but the moment was short and I was definitely not coherent to talk about anything. It was a rare moment we get in the morning and words were no necessary. G woke up around 615a and even fell asleep with me til 7a or so! As if that wasn't lucky enough, I handed him over to mom when he got a little too awake for me. I didn't get to fall back sleep, but the rest was needed and appreciated! We got G dressed for the day and took Charlie for a quick walk around the block. It was cold and cloudy, but all the rest I had got me thinking that I definitely wanted to venture to the city...especially since I wouldn't want to do it the first time alone, DM wanted us to come and I had the best help around there with me!! I never mentioned it to anyone and we went about the day. I left G w/ mom to take a nap and went to get a manicure and pedicure. The conversation I had with the manicurist made me cry hearing about visas, leaving family behind, and never getting to visit them. Then she told me about the commute she has just to get to work. I really have become one of those girls that need to be sent to live in a teepee for a month to learn a few things. I'd like to. I don't think I'd survive though! I'd probably die with the camera in my hand and forget to drink water for days. I got the text that G was not going to sleep, but after the appointment, I got another one that he was asleep at 11a! He ended up sleeping about 2 hours and that was going to be his only nap for the day! I stopped into the local nursery to buy the rest of the plants for our pots and left with barely anything and all of the wrong things. It was so overwhelming and I shouldn't have left with anything at all with the anxiety I was having over what to buy! I came home to eat and make sure we both got ready before G woke up! Everything was ready to go and all we needed to do was feed and change G. Mom took care of him after I nursed him and I took CB for another quick walk. I went around our block and got yelled at by a neighbor we never liked. Thank god I happened to be on the phone with DM to laugh about it, because normally I'd get so worked up and let the stupidity ruin my otherwise perfectly good day! Charlie was in the middle of going and the husband came charging at us, screaming, "get him off my lawn!!" The rest was comical and I left only finding the humor in his ferocity. G was fed and happy, I had arranged with Sharon to drive us to the train and DM had no idea about any of it. I always loved surprising him on a whim! Things are more fun that way, for me at least. The sun even started to peek out and the day was turning out just as I'd imagined! Sharon was waiting outside and I hopped in the back with G so she could drive. I thought G would be happy to see me, but it only tortured him because I couldn't hold him. He figured it out fast and found everything around him fascinating and was distracted the rest of the way. He even loved the most boring straps on my bag. I got him into the stroller and we took the creepiest elevator up. We made it with so much time to spare after barely any planning with time, got our tickets and waited on the platform. He was being perfect! There was a moment of panic that I'd forgotten my phone, but it was right in front of my face all along, while I tore apart my bag three times. Since I found it, we took lots of pictures until the train arrived. Who cares that my battery was dying?!

Thank goodness the train was quiet and an express! The stroller did not fit down the aisle and we had too much stuff in the basket to carry it all to the seat. We took our bags and left everything else by the doors to go sit down. He was having a blast climbing all over us, spying on the man in front of us and the people behind us, waving to all, looking out the window, nursing and being so silly, squirmy and cute. He was v. happy and v. talkative.

We got very lucky to be surrounded by nice people and not too many. We stood by the doors through the tunnel talking to a nice man who G couldn't stop smiling at. Our first experience in a GCS elevator and we were on our way to surprise DM, after a quick photo by the clock, of course!

Nothing marks the point in history like a selfie stick in the background! Unfortunately, the surprise didn't go as smoothly as I'd imagined once we got to his building, but it all worked out once DM figured out what "look out your window" meant!!! Ugh! :/ He came down to meet us and escort us up. What a gentleman. Before I knew it, he handed her over to Jin and he was getting a tour of the office.

I wouldn't have stayed so long if they didn't have the best leftover fried chicken ever!! It was so cute seeing G crawling around the floor and sitting on DM's chair at his desk w/ him. Before we really overstayed our welcome, we left and did some shopping just across the street and didn't go far. He was incredible, still! Being wheeled through clothes and women everywhere didn't bother him one bit! And towards the end when he was getting a little bored, it was nothing a snack couldn't fix! I couldn't resist sticking on a few sunglasses before heading out, even if it was pushing my luck with him. My little yenta/Elton John/Maverick.

To my surprise, I think he enjoyed that too!! Mom bought him a couple of things for the fall since he's already loaded with an awesome summer wardrobe. We bought baby gifts for others, and I left with nothing for me. I cannot get back into the swing of shopping. It's pretty depressing since I hate everything I have to wear and would like to buy new clothes. I just hate the way I look in everything now! We crossed the street to Bryant Park and went for a walk around. I forgot they have a carousel! I nursed him first and couldn't tell if the old man sitting at the table across from us was staring or just stuck in his pose, but I didn't care. I stopped caring long ago, ever since we went to Cape Cod last September! When we got to the park, no one was on the carousel and I even joked to the ticket booth girl, asking if she just runs it for one person at a time. Mom and I sat to chat and admire the beauty of the park while G refueled and not one person came for a ride. We were ready to go on the beautiful, old merry-go-round and two little girls were in front of us, then G and I got on and we were good to go (or so we thought)! I was excited and he had no idea what was coming! Except...people would not stop other...a minute apart. It was torture and G was losing patience just like me. Finally, the lady announced "are we ready?" I may have sounded slightly too eager, but I shouted "yes! let's go!" His horse started going up and down and my tears started flowing. Why am I so emotional? The smile on his face when we started moving around and up and down--it was just magical. Cheesy, but so true. I can't remember the last time I was on a carousel, but this time surpassed them all! I couldn't stop kissing him and marveling in all of his wonder.

Before I knew it, the ride was over and he was starting to daydream. Mom watched and took videos since she didn't want to come on which was probably better since she didn't have to see me cry and got these great photos instead! We finished our walk around the park and stopped at the fountain where I let him splash a little and mom taught him how to make his first wish with pennies! He dropped his in, even though I know he has a good throwing arm on him! Hope his wish comes true!!!

A quick stop at the cafe to get a coffee for her to refuel and it was time to meet DM. He was waiting outside for us already, the night was young, and so we decided to stay and get dinner in the city. He took us to a delicious mexican restaurant and got seated just 2 tables from another baby boy who looked like the same age! Mom and I took G to the bathroom to get a fast chance and went back to order. G was so happy in his papa's arms and waving to the old man sitting behind us. He sat so nicely for the entire meal, talking, waving, dancing, kicking and swinging his legs and feet in the highchair, eating like a little piggie and making his  extensive list of cute expressive faces.

There was nothing he didn't like and the same went for us! The food was so delicious! He had his first taste of mahi mahi too, but I didn't want to give him a lot since I wasn't sure about the mercury levels and it was really spicy (even for me)! Just as we paid and I thought we were leaving, I had to change his diaper. Again! Neither of us were thrilled about that. We met the sweet family w/ the baby on the way out and turns out they may move a town over! We exchanged information and our boys are only a month apart.It was a quick walk to the train and we caught it in time. DM insisted we didn't need the elevator and instead, we had to carry the stroller (w/o G in it) down a bunch of stairs. Men! The whole ride home was a little shaky. He was so happy most of the time with a few cranky shrieks to keep me on my toes mixed in there. He got passed back and forth between me and DM while we tried to keep him as quiet as possible on the otherwise silent train car. He loved the colorful [gambling] posters and waving to the man standing across from us.

The fruit I bought kept him busy and he was keeping me busy!! It was a long, fun day and he was beyond ready for bed. He nursed just before our stop, we hopped down the long flight of stairs and skipped to DM's car. That all had him smiling again. I got dropped off at Sharon's to get my car and G did not want me to leave. We were having fun in the backseat! I nursed him a little more before bed and he passed right out. What a day! Mom helped me address his invitations and the time continues to creep up on us way too fast when he will turn ONE! So happy to have given him today's experience and for his grandma to be there with us! What a special day! xo

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