Tuesday, May 26, 2015

say hello! *unedited = mistakes*

His vocabulary is growing fast now and he says "dada" as soon as he sees DM. I could practically seem DM's heart throbbing every time! :) He still loves that f-sound and this morning he was saying "nananana" a lot!! Occasionally he still says the silent "dadada" where he moves his mouth but no sound comes out. All morning he was clicking his tongue and teeth too. God I love him. The screeching is getting bad though, particularly the upset ones. The happy shrieks I don't mind, but the new high pitched cry is god awful!

We spent the morning in his room, reorganizing his dresser with new/bigger clothes and putting/giving away stuff that's too small or we don't need/want. He's mostly in 12 month size now, but a couple of smaller things still fit that are 6 months! Even his chambray button down shirt that is 3-6 months may still fit! He was a little fussy because I wasn't playing with him, but I took a couple of breaks and he quickly got distracted and went off to play on his own. I gave him breakfast and loved his spinach and pepperjack cheese omelette.  We took a nice long walk with Charlie right after and stayed out for half an hour. He fell asleep just around the corner and transferred so perfectly. He rested his head on my shoulder all the way upstairs and curled right up when I put him down in his crib. He peeked up at me as I closed the door but never made a sound. Why is he so hit or miss?! He fell asleep at 930a and slept 2.5 hours!! Mum's aid went back to Trinidad and we don't know how long she'll be gone so I said we'd go visit today. I started to get worried about him sleeping so long and contemplated waking him since he bumped his head the day before, but he woke up right on time in the morning so I knew he was fine and then he woke up a second later anyway. He was already dressed and there wasn't much to do except get ourselves together and go. I brought the leftover fried chicken and brussels sprouts for us all to share along with the carrier and our new cousin, Lola's, gift. Graham looked so adorable, sitting so still and quiet in his car seat with pouty lips looking very bored. I love when I start clapping and he claps with me. It only amuses him for a couple of seconds but he just looks so bored. He was so good though!!! He lost his patience right after we got over the bridge but settled back down after a couple of minutes. All these years, I've been carrying my parent's keys and I finally confirmed that they do not work at all! We sat down to eat right away since we were all starving and I fed him from my lap. It's impossible to see his face and if he's still chewing, but the wall of mirrors right next to the table made it easier. It wasn't the most enjoyable meal, with him squirming all over the place and putting his breadcrumb fingers all over me and food all over the table, chair and floor! I was trying to keep it together, but he was having a blast while I was sweating and having a mild anxiety attack. It was almost 90 degrees outside and it's hot enough as it is in their apartment, plus she didn't have the AC on for some reason. He kept reaching out to high five mum and it was so cute! We all enjoyed and finished the chicken and he had his some sabra hummus too! When he was all stuffed up, I cleaned up and mum got her things together to go for a walk to cvs. I needed a card for the gift and thought it would be nice to get her out of the house for a bit. I wanted to test my keys again and went out into the hall and thank god I was holding G, b/c we got locked out! She said they never changed the locks since I got them and figured it was my fault. Their neighbor even got home and tried to help me. I had to ring the bell and wait for her to come open the door again. We went in her bedroom and she was showing G the books and toys she has. His favorite was the duck puppet book and the little rubber sheep which he would absolutely not let go of! But he was sharing it back and forth with her a bunch of times. He loves to hand things to people and then get them back. It's so funny how he snatches it back when it's his turn to take it. He was banging on her pillows with so much excitement and shivers when I tickle him on his face. He was having so much fun! I got him into the carrier after that and we went for our walk. Mum had her set of keys, so we used those and I left my set there for dad to look at. Graham was nice and comfy, facing out and mum was too, but it was hard work for me and I was focusing on not passing out from heat exhaustion. We were able to cut straight through the parking lot and go through the back entrance, so it was a lot shorter than I expected. I held him in my arms in the store to give my back a break and left mum to look around. G loved a card with a fuzzy duck on it and wanted to carry it with him (until he threw it on the ground and that was the end of that). Whenever he likes something in a store, I want to spoil him but then remind myself that he's a baby and won't know the difference. He'll be throwing tantrums for these things soon enough!! Mum wanted a couple of things so I checked us out and felt so dehydrated and exhausted. I find this almost secret reserve of energy though, when no one else is around to help or save me. It makes me realize how much I truly rely on DM and I know he does so much for me. I strapped G back up and I got us back home with little energy to spare. The whole afternoon flew by and we couldn't stay much longer. We had a small snack. He and I shared some smoked gouda and mum really wanted him to have one of these ice cream things she buys. I only gave him a little bit then nursed him and got him changed. It was a nice three hour visit and I knew he was completely exhausted. He sat in his stroller while I ran to the bathroom and mum did such a good job watching him! He was getting very cranky but she kept him calm and rocked his stroller. I underestimate her abilities and give her so much credit. She is very involved with him and it means the world to me for them to build this relationship! When he was first born, I felt like she just sat there, zoned out and didn't pay much attention. But that changed a lot over the past few months and maybe that's because Graham interacts more and more. Whatever the reason may be, I love who they've become as Graham and grandma! We left and he didn't want to get into the car. But his fights to get in and sit down and much shorter now, maybe because he knows it's a fight he'll always lost, he realizes it's not so bad or he's just too tired to fight it! But he was surly exhausted and fell asleep right away. I got to talk to Sammie and pulled into the driveway to my happy, well rested baby. Such a mush. I melt every time he smiles at me when I open the car door and when he folds his shoulders, arms and hands inward and together to maneuver and get his arms out of the straps as soon as I loosen then. I tried to make a Sharon inspired dinner for him with canned goods and whatever I could find, but it came out awful and he was not having it. It was chickpeas, black beans, diced tomatoes, oregano, garlic powder, s&p and feta. If I didn't care for it, why would he?? For the first time, he was ignoring individual foods that he didn't like and started throwing them on the floor with complete intention! I told him not to, but he has yet to learn what I even mean! I was so praying he'd be the first kid to never do toss food on the floor. I thought they started it earlier and we were almost in the clear! I just gave him a little turkey with mustard and mango and that was it. I tried and failed and now have a big bowl of weird bean salad that I have to finish on my own! He played his heart out the rest of the night, crawling around, bouncing CB's orange rubber ball, petting him, feeding him treats but teasing him and making him wait, crawling around with the cordless phone which is now completely his. He was sitting down just tapping it on the floor and I told him to say hello (luckily while recording him) and he putting it right up to his ear and said "ha!" I was amazed and didn't even expected him to do anything when I said it. It was one of those my-kid-is-a-genius moments! Charlie was being so good with him and letting him pet him and laid still while Graham gave him everything I told him to bring to him...his toys and even a piece of stuffing from one of the animals. It was getting stuck to his hand but he kept trying to put it on Charlie's nose and couldn't understand why it wouldn't come off of his hand.

The fun wasn't stopping and when his papa got home he was even happier! The laughter coming out of his room while he got G ready for bed had me running down the hall to see what I was missing. Every time I got there he stopped though!! I gave up being nosey and let them have their time together! It was such a great full day and a perfect end for a boy and his father.

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