Sunday, May 03, 2015

time is all relative, so milk it while you can.

Nine months, like every other numbered month, went by way too fast. When people ask how old he is, I don't know if I should say nine months or that he'll be ten months in a week. It makes me so sad how quickly these wonderful stages are speeding by. After ten, then he'll be eleven, and then it's his first birthday and I honestly don't know why I'm acting like it's the end. It's just that one year really signifies the end of being a baby and entering toddlerhood, at least to me! Yea, he'll always be my baby, but I can barely cradle him in my arms anymore, he's getting so big!

After our, mostly DM's though, rough night, Graham woke up at 6a and I somehow got to sleep late. I heard mom offer to take him, so I have no idea why DM chose to stay awake! When I woke up, everyone was downstairs and I went down quickly to get a piece to pump. Graham saw me and waved from across the room in the midst of being very busy playing with his toys in his own little corner. I waved goodbye and said I'd be right back and he just looked at me. This was different! No crying for me? I like it!! I came back down shortly after with my sad amount of milk and he was so joyful. Mom and dad were all packed up and left so quickly. I feel like I barely got to say goodbye and thank them over and over for everything they did for us over the weekend. The help, extra hands, and brief free time I get when they are here is so priceless. It makes me panic for Monday to come again! How will I do this all by myself after being spoiled?! Once the door closed and it was just the three (four) of us again, G was so energetic. He was so entertained and entertaining with anything and everything. Any sound, look, movement or touch, big or small, made him belly laugh hysterically. He's never been that giggly before and we were loving every second. He's like my little cherry blossom that never stops blooming! DM went up to get ready to leave and help a colleague. He came down in a slight panic after discovering countless red bumps all over his body! I had poison ivy a couple of years ago and it was the worst torture a person could go through. Luckily, he said they weren't itchy, only slightly painful. The fun didn't stop for me and G, but I stopped hyping him up and let him play on his own and just watched. I was nervous as naptime was approaching fast and his energy level only seemed to go up! DM was leaving and I went up to his room and nursed him quietly. My good little boy pretty much went straight to sleep after that. I left everything that needed to be done around the house and took the time to go back in bed and just relax before tomorrow started all the norm again. I thought he was waking up a couple of times and cringed every time, but he ended up taking a nice long nap!! I hope the noises were a good dream, because they were little teeny talks I've never heard before from him in his sleep. When he woke up, I was dying to go outside and enjoy the perfect weather! I think it was in the 80s today! We sat on the deck while I nursed him and shielded him from the sun with one of the outdoor throw pillows. The warm sun felt incredible. We took a walk around the yard to check on everything and pull some weeds (neither of us enjoy that part). After a quick lunch back inside, I wanted to get us both dressed and ready to go out as soon as DM got home.

DM was taking a lot longer than I expected, so I took him for a walk to the field around the corner covered in dandelions. *tip: click on the image below and use your left/right arrow keys to see a little stop motion)

There were so many for him to pick, and he eventually lost interest. The sun was strong and we were both pretty much covered in dandelion pollen; I had no idea that it sticks and when I tried to tickle his face with one, it just turned him yellow and my jeans were covered! Hope it doesn't stain! We took a little walk after that and got home very hot and thirsty. Now that the basement is done, still really cold and furnished with not much more than a rocking chair, it was the perfect place to cool down and quench both of our thirsts. We moved to the office and looked through the photos which didn't come out well at all with the sun being too bright and then shared a homemade hummus snack. DM got home, finally, and we left for the craft fair. It was so late and G probably should have gone up to take a nap, but we both really wanted to go out. He was so quiet all afternoon and fell right to sleep in the car for a whole 15-20 minutes. DM made the decision to wake him when we got there. We were going to see if we could transfer him to the stroller, but he woke up the second his door opened! I was prepared with snacks, but they were barely needed; there was soooo much for him to look at! We didn't leave with anything except a great new experience. He enjoyed the whole time, from the awful jazzy band to the plain hamburger roll with a teeny bit of sriracha mayo on it. DM took benedryl before we left home and it was starting to set in. I drove home while he slept and Graham was wide awake. DM was downstairs with him while I ran up to use the bathroom. All I heard was a full report on how he was now climbing our full set of stairs and quickly made it to the top! Yikes! That's a big 1st that I don't know I'm ready for!! He was so hungry when I nursed him but still finished fast as usual. I barely got enough when I pumped last night so I wanted to pump one more time and had to make DM stay awake enough to watch Graham for me. He played so nicely on his own in his room. Pumping was practically a waste of time. When I went to tally up how much I had, I forgot that DM gave him a small bottle in the middle of the night. He kept playing in his room with me after I relieved DM of the painful duty to keep his eyes open. Graham is getting much more generous with his kisses and now giving them to all of his stuffed animals and himself in any kind of reflection (mirrors and the mirror page in "pat the bunny"). We moved our little party downstairs so I could stuff my face with "healthy" popcorn and straighten up. I tried to teach him how to go down the stairs by sitting down first, then backing up slowly and going down one step at a time. We made it to the first step down and he was only interested in lifting his knees to go back up like it was no big deal! EEEK! He looked at me everytime he saw the handful of popcorn head for my mouth, but I explicitly explained that babies cannot have popcorn because it is too dangerous. The pieces kept falling to the ground and I had to pick them all up quickly before he got to them. While doing a few dishes in the sink, I lost sight of him for a second and found him climbing to the second step. I gasped and DM practically jumped off the couch from his deep, drugged sleep. It's one of my biggest fears and now we have to deal with it sooner than I expected! Once I got him down safely and injure-free, he was back off to racing all over the living room. I was back to the popcorn because I have issues with food and he was onto climbing the freezer door and looking like he was doing mind tricks to open the refrigerator doors! It was dinner time! Shredded tissues were all over the floor, tiny handprints were all over the stainless, and the floor was covered in crumbs. I ignored it all and got his food ready. Cheeseburger, veggie kugel from his grandma, blackberries and nana and he was stuffed! He ate way more than I expected him to and it leaves me uneasy just thinking of how much he is able to consume! He loves playing with my little all-clad measuring cups and was kicking to get down and play after I rinsed his dirty paws and snout! He got cranky for the first time all day and I took him up a little early to get ready for bed. After a dramatic, torturous diaper and clothing change, he was ready to chug. With just a little bit left, he wanted to do nothing but flirt with me and play. I gave him the glitter wand for the 1st time and he twirled it like an old pro, twisting his wrist, changing hands and waving it around in the air.

I put him down to go wild with it and he liked the sound it made as he let it slide across the bars of his crib, banging between each one -- isn't that just great?! After being adorable, making out with himself in "pat the bunny," sticking his finger in my mouth for me to bite it, turning the pages of "the very hungry caterpillar" and playing with the holes in the strawberries, he was getting restless and I had to let him keep playing. He kept coming back to me for a sip and then crawling away. He really knows how to milk it! It wasn't even 7p yet, so I didn't mind letting him and went with the flow. The funniest moment was when he climbed up onto my legs and let go to hold onto the bottle with me, while drinking it. He's a total nut and I love it! He finished, I held him, forehead to forehead and rubbed his chest in circles as his body got heavier and heavier. He went from wide awake to falling asleep in my arms within the blink of an eye. He went to sleep within just a few minutes and I was on my own for the night. It was such a nice day, despite how lousy DM was feeling and just wish we could have longer weekends! Loll was shocked to hear that he stands on his own now and I followed up by saying, "yea, he's been doing it for weeks!" But then I realized it couldn't have been weeks ago. Feeling like something is so long ago is all relative. Everything that has happened since G was born either feels like forever ago, but it's only been 9 months. Because changes are happening so fast, the timeline is so short but feels so long. It's all so confusing to me. But why waste the time thinking about it, may as well milk it for what we've got!

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