Friday, May 20, 2016

the backyard, part II - we got a fire pit!

this is a continuation from my previous post.

that was then. this is now! - 05.11.2015
I'll keep the 2 guys in the front here and get rid of those 2 in the back!
those string lights turned from hanging up and plugging in,
to one of the biggest projects we've done to the yard. but oh my god were they worth it (if you're asking me. maybe not worth it if you ask DM) :O
my man -- the hardest working guy I know.
 I love this one! It's so rare that I can get him to smile for a photo!
 not sure if I'll ever get around to planting those biodegradable mint pots you see on the coffee table. they've been there since the beginning of April! :X
 "no chawie, das mahn!"
 our old sectional had damaged parts, so somehow DM got us to keep the old one and get a new one for free! now we've got one big one. guess we'll have to buy that pretty teak one later down the road.
 raisins are his favorite snack of all time. "raithids" he calls 'em. melt my heart.

 that back right corner of our yard is gonna get a little raised vegetable garden.
pretty anxious to cover as much of that ugly fence as possible.
there's about 50' of it.
 these trees are growing a mile a minute.
 these baby emerald greens (all 35 of them) have a story of their own! It involves me renting a uhaul alone and driving an hour to get them and almost dying when the truck started swerving when it hit the routed out emergency lane just 5 minutes away from getting home. this project was the perfect example of my determination. anyway, they'll take a few years to cover the fence, but we've got to start somewhere! trick is keeping Charlie bear away from peeing on them! Hope he doesn't kill them!!!! :/
 the barn grass is starting to die back from the roundup treatment I did.
will have to do a second treatment.
 that's his outdoor dog bed I bought directly behind him.
:D our patio is finally dressed with 4 oak adirondack chairs and a fire pit.
^ lupine ^
we got 4 yellow knockout roses to go against the big rock and we'll need to add one more. a row of boxwoods will go in front of those and be trimmed to a low hedge once they grow together. then in the very front, a border of lamb's ears.

my sedum garden on the big rock has turned into one of my favorite spots to garden. there are so many little cracks and crevices to watch things grow. my goal is to fill every last crevice with a plant. as with everything else, it's a work in progress!

he plays with his screws and tools from morning til night, anytime we're home.
always asking, "what's this?" even when he knows the answer. 
when he nicely wants help, he says "I want mommy..."
my copper herb planters.
please, please, pleaseeee let this grass last!
annoyingly obsessed with his red ball.
uh oh, there's that burrowed-browed cranky face.
"no, I dont want it." "uppy mommy"
not squirrel-proof, but v. pretty, bird feeder.
his obsession with screws has grown stronger and stronger over the past 2-3 weeks from watching dm fixing and putting things together constantly.
pointing his toes to the grass and asking me v. nicely if he's allowed to leave the patio without shoes on. I'm raising a really great kid over here.

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