Friday, July 01, 2016

getting back into the swing of things

Sitting on a swing, looking up at the clouds, with your head way back and hair flying in the wind is one of the best feelings since I was a little girl. The feeling hasn't changed for me as the years speed by and I remember it well. Now, my almost-two-year-old son has that same feeling -- "higher, higher" he tells me over and over and over again! But since he's come around, this swing called life hasn't been moving so high and it's time to get going again. We used to just go places and as much as I swore I'd NEVER dare to let having a baby change that -- it just did. We used to go to Montauk for my birthday (december 13th) and valentine's day and walk on the beach in the frigid, cracked-dry-skin kind of winter day my birthday always seems always to fall on. We'd go on adventures and find new places. We used to drive with the windows all the way down. Life certainly doesn't stop to wait for you to catch up and sometimes, we've just gotta force ourselves to jump back in and get back on that swing. Now the windows are almost always down and g loves the wind in his hair and on his face just as much as I do (most of the time anyway)! It feels amazing. We have a couple of small trips planned for this year and working on more. Traveling isn't just one of those things I "like" to do. Just as much as photography gives me that air I need to breathe, venturing to new, near or foreign places is just as critical to me. This Thursday on 07.07.2016, DM and I will have been together for 9 years and married for 5 years. The following day, our baby is turning two years old. I don't know where our lives are going because it's moving so damn fast but I'm so excited to have the wind back in my hair.

this was my last birthday and for the first time in my life, as far as I can remember, it was actually warm enough for me (not us) to walk barefoot on the sand. 

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